​​​​As licensed stock concessionaires;  Wilderness Pack Trips, Mike and Erin Thompson and Sons;over 30 years (and over 20,000 miles on horseback) of Yellowstone Backcountry knowledge and experience.  Wilderness Pack Trips provides you with the highest quality horseback riding adventure in Yellowstone.  

The Thompsons are proud of their positive, long-standing relationship with Park Management.  As a result of the past (and current) hard work and commitment to preserving resources, WPT is often granted special permission to ride in sensitive areas.

As educators, WPT has had the honor to guide horseback riding adventures classes for the Yellowstone Institute.  NPS researchers rely on WPT to safely carry fragile and expensive equipment on pack horses to research sites. The experienced outfit has been honored to work for National Geographic and the Travel Channel film shoots to promote Yellowstone.​

Mike and Erin met working in the backcountry of Yellowstone.  In 1995, WPT was created as a business owned by the newly married couple.  Mike grew up on a ranch in North Dakota, went to college and studied Animal Science and Education.  Erin grew up working horses and liked to cook.  She attended college in Montana, studying Animal and Range Science.  Outfitting seemed like the perfect fit.  They have raised 5 children, 3 whom are actively involved in the Wilderness Pack Trips business.  Truman (26), Augustus (24) and Henry (22) have been in Yellowstone since they were infants riding along with their parents to all areas of Yellowstone. 

The Thompsons are especially proud of their safety practices and pride themselves on their large herd of personable, reliable and sound horses and mules.  As well as trustworthy riding and pack animals, the Thompsons are exceptionally proud of their long term client base.  Many people return each year (and have for 15 years) and have become like family to the Thompsons.

To travel with WPT, is for some, a life changing experience.   On the trail experiences include Native American history, natural history, geography, environmental ethics, animal husbandry and the opportunity to hone one's own beliefs about wilderness, wild things and why they are important.



As licensed stock concessioners in Yellowstone National Park, our mission is to provide our clients safe, enjoyable and educational horseback riding adventures.  We work closely with Yellowstone's Rangers and Backcountry Administrators to protect natural resources, minimize impacts and preserve western heritage through our knowledge, skills and experience.

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