Wilderness Pack Trips is a licensed outfitter, providing horseback riding pack trips and camping expeditions in Yellowstone National Park.  Our horseback riding,  pack trips and day rides into Yellowstone's Backcountry are adventurous in nature.  Backcountry trips can be customized to your interests, abilities, time frame and private trips. Pack trips begin in July and continue through September, ranging in length from 4 days to 9 days.

   2018 Yellowstone Pack Trip Schedule..

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2018 Yellowstone Pack Trip Schedule

  • Wildflowers and Wildlife July 3-6, in the Gallatin River area.  Excellent Wildlife viewing, and beautiful meadows of wildflowers to enjoy!    This is an excellent early season trip into one of the prettiest spots in Yellowstone.  Day rides to the high mountain passes that the Native people used to get to the buffalo.                        Limited to 8 guests, ​Sold out  

          Rate: $2000/person and a 50% nonrefundable deposit to confirm .


"Kundalini Unplugged", Experience the Primal Sounds of Nature, with Mata Mandir Singh, July 9-12.  Morning Sadhana, Campfire Mantra, vegetarian menu, Kundalini Yoga and all the sights and sounds of Yellowstone. 

Limited to: 7 guests and the rate is $2000/person, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to confirm the reservations.  www.yogaofsound.com 

  • Mirror Plateau, "The best wildlife in Yellowstone!"  July 15-20,Excellent wildlife and scenery pack trip.  Very limited access area, we are the guests.  This pack trip is already sold out for 2018!         Rate: $3,300/person and limited to the first 8 guests.Sold out, please contact us for 2019 dates.

  • The Upper Lamar River, Fly fishing and Remote Beauty, July 23-28,  The Upper Lamar River,excellent fly fishing, beautiful rides and views from the high country on the Yellowstone Boundary and wildlife opportunities.  Rate: $3300/person. This pack trip is sold out to private group.

  •  Wildlife and Remote Beauty,  August 5-11, The upper Lamar River and Pelican Valley  One of the prettiest spots in Yellowstone!  Remote high country areas to explore, fly fishing on the Lamar River and opportunities to see wildlife; a great combination pack trip into Yellowstone's northern area.   Limited to 8 guests, Sold Out, for 2018; please contact us for 2019 dates.

  • Bechler Waterfalls, August 15-21, "Cascade Corner", SW corner of Yellowstone Park.  View, photograph and soak in the waters of this beautiful area.  Over 50 waterfalls are located in this area of Yellowstone.  This is one of our most popular pack trips and is already sold out for 2018.  Please contact us for 2019 dates.

  • Thorofare- Most Remote and Diverse Yellowstone Horseback and Camping Expedition, August 28-September 5, Ride into the most remote location in the lower 48 states. Trails once used by Native Americans and Mountain Men.  Very diverse landscapes, excellent opportunities see wildlife, fly fishing native trout, history and remote! This pack trip is for those who want a "true wilderness experience!"

          Rate: $4,000/person, This pack trip is limited to the first 8 guests, Sold out                       Excellent combination of riding, beauty, and remoteness!

  • "Goblin Land", September 10-15, The Hoodoos of the upper Miller Creek and Lamar River area, one of the most remote areas in Yellowstone.   Extreme rock erosion makes for amazing formations to explore and photograph.  Fall in Yellowstone brings on great wildlife including; herds of bison, elk, grizzly bear and wolves all inhabit this great location in Yellowstone. Rate: $3200/person and is limited to 8, Sold out.   A 50% non refundable deposit is required to confirm the reservations.


  • Wildlife Special, September 19-24, Our last pack trip of the season, but always a great one for wildlife! Herds of bison and elk graze the valleys, while wolves and grizzly bear hunt them for food, Makes for a very interesting pack trip.  Excellent Wildlife trip!     (Sold out)

All pack trips are confirmed upon a 50% non refundable deposit.  The balance is due 30 days prior to your pack trip, once paid is nonrefundable.  We accept all major cc, checks and cash for payment.

We make every effort to conduct trip as advertised, but reserve the right to move or postpone a trip for safety concerns (wild fires, road closures, campsite.)

*Please be physically and medically fit to be able to mount and dismount your horse.  Prior riding time will greatly benefit you and your experience.

Please consider travel insurance to protect your investment.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions and thoughts about these pack trips.

  I am always happy to visit about Yellowstone and our business.

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