Yellowstone National Park, pack trips, fun adventure
Yellowstone National Park, pack trips, bechler
Yellowstone National Park, horseback riding, pack trips
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  • I had a fabulous week on the trail with Mike and Erin.  The pack trip into the beautiful Bechler Waterfalls area was well planned with reliable horses and equipment; and the food was delicious!  I am looking forward to a future trip.    Sanda

  • I've been on two trips with Mike and Erin; Cache Creek and now Mirror Plateau.  The trips are extremely well organized, the horses obviously loved and cared for and you couldn't ask for more.  Both Mike and Erin have extensive knowledge of the area and you will learn so much about the Yellowstone area.  Erin makes fabulous meals and the campsite is a place you want to spend your time when not out on the trails.  While I love seeing the sights from the road and hikes there is nothing quite like getting into the backcountry and experiencing what nature has to offer and your couldn't do it in more capable hands.   Kendra

  • As I reminisce about the trip so many wonderful and cherished moments come up for me.  The spectacle and the magnificence of the Park and your respect and honor allowed so many beautiful things to occur.  Words cannot express my gratitude!   Sometimes in life we walk into situations and participate like we never thought we would-and we come out changed-different and the imprint and memories of the experience will always be useful to me.  Thank you so much for your professionalism, experience and love for the fun- God Bless    George

  • There are those rare times in life when you find yourself slowed down from the noise in your head and discover the feet below you have landed someplace new, special, real and authentic.  I must thank you both for making this very thing happen for me on our spectacular trip through Yellowstone!  So thank you both for the trip, the experiences and the lasting impact of our time together in Yellowstone!    Nick

  • Good horses, a great guide (with extremely good knowledge of the local history, flora and fauna) a small group, excellent lunch and amazing scenery-  what more could you want?!    Ros

  • There is no better way to see the Yellowstone Backcountry than on a horse with Mike and Erin.   Kim

  • I can't say enough about the backcountry of Yellowstone and exploring it with Mike and Erin, and others I've continued to ride with as the years go on...about 12 years now.  There is so much to see and experience and I am privilleged  to say I'm one of the less than 2% who gets off trail and into the backcountry to see what Yellowstone has to offer.  Cindy